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That was the most fun I've ever had

Picture the happy faces after a hard fought battle between siblings or parents vs kids when they've had the time of there life running around a maze of inflatable obstacles unleashing arrows at each other like a battle scene straight out of the Hunger Games.

You have to shoot out there targets before they hit yours but your all out of arrows, what do you do now? well you better build up some courage and make that run into the open battlefield dodging and ducking arrows that are coming at you whistling just by your ear, you see some ammunition on the ground and you make a dive for it while narrowly avoiding an arrow coming straight at you. You make the run back to cover on your side of the field and load your arrow in your bow and peek from behind the safety of your bunker and look for a target, there he is Dad is running around like Robin Hood shooting out your targets you must stop him before his team wins so you line him up in your sites but he notices you've locked onto him and points his arrow towards you and fires Whoosh it goes past you as you evade the arrow with a matrix like manoeuvre and in the split second he is out in the open you let go of your string and unleash the arrow toward him. Whack!!! the foam tip arrow hits him right between the eyes on his protective mask and he's out of the game for 20 seconds, this gives your siblings the chance to take out the rest of the opposing teams targets and you win the game. Dad comes over and tells you that was an awesome shot you got him with and you all have a laugh before resetting the game and swapping sides. After the final game your all red faced and sweaty with smiles from ear to ear talking about those awesome shots you nailed each other with and cant wait to do it again.

Next school holidays bring these scenarios to life and create memories with your friends and family through Combat Archery.

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